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I Would Like to Place My Name in Contention for the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

October 22, 2008

Cuz, dude, I wouldn’t mind a few new tailor made suits. And some new Ken Coles. And for that athletic photo-op, a few jerseys (a Staubach throwback would be nice) and a pair of Air Circuit II trainers. Oh, and a personal stylist for the locs. Y’all can keep the tanning bed, though, no thanks.

Still, whenever Psychick and I see Palin, we have to ask, where did the $150,000 go? Did they buy 1,000 black skirts and 1,000 red jackets? Or maybe those frames cost $149,000? Politico outlines where the money was spent (see above link). I don’t see it myself. The RNC did spend some cash on Todd and the kids, too, so I suppose that explains things a bit better. Then again, I only ever see old Todd in a shirt and tie, not like he’s rocking the Armani and Tom Ford.

But . . . do real Americans, the folksy kind, spend 70 grand at Saks, especially during a recession? Or perhaps the RNC was just doing their part to prop up the sagging retail sales for this quarter?

Ah, yes I know, how can you focus on such trivial matters when the economy is in the toilet, etc. Well, bud, this speaks directly to that issue. You gotta have balls the size of Sasquatch’s prostate to spend your donors’ hard earned cash on clothing the entire Palin clan.

For their part the RNC claims the clothing was always intended to be donated to charity after the campaign was over. Yeah, right. I think you’re going to have a Waco like showdown if you try to take those leather boots from Sarah Palin now. She was planning to wear them on the debut of her talk show “The Sarah Palin Abuse of Power Hour.” Besides, those who actually want to dress the way she does (gauche) can already afford to.

So, all future donations to the RNC should end. Instead, simply purchase a Macy’s Gift Card and mail it to the Guv’ners home in Alaska.

It becomes clearer daily, the one-off nature of the decision to nominate Gov. Palin for Vice President. Check your Sunday New York Times magazine section for the full story as that damned liberal media peers inside the McCain campaign.

John McCain: Pygmalion.

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  1. sospokesaroj permalink
    October 22, 2008 6:03 am

    Haha I actually just wrote a post about this myself. It’s amazing how much Sarah Palin is milking the system.

    Great blog!

  2. October 22, 2008 6:54 am

    Y’all can keep the tanning bed, though, no thanks.

    Ok, I just spit out my coffee.

  3. October 22, 2008 11:35 am

    $150,000 budget and she shops off-the-rack. She’s gotta go. Give me $150,000 and Tom Ford’s New York Store is closed for 12 days while I get everything done bespoke AND I’m studying the Constitution on the couch on the second floor. Okay, gotta get an Oswald Boateng tux made as well, and MAYBE a Sean John suit for SNL. but once it’s all said and done, I’m not getting on with Katie Couric and stuttering. I’m getting on and nobody can stand it.

    …does the JOB she’s running for even pay $150,000?

    “Yeah, right. I think you’re going to have a Waco like showdown if you try to take those leather boots from Sarah Palin now” This was hilarious. But true. Because I don’t think the Lenscrafters in Alaska have those frames, so they’re gonna have to “spread the wealth around” and write that 150k off.


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  3. Sarah Palin is hot — the type of woman who deserves good things, fistful of diamonds, handful of rings

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