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Hockey Mom/Nutjob 2012!!

October 25, 2008

Abe Greenwald thinks the wave of the Conservative future lies in the hands of two losers, and that the Right should look forward to a ticket of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann in 2012.

We will gloss over the fact that Greenwald certainly believes that McCain/Palin will lose this year and parse the answer by Bachmann during a debate that shows what a great statesperson she really is:

Michele Bachmann: I just want to say only in France, only in France could you have suburban youth rioting because the welfare benefits aren’t generous enough. And that’s… That’s what they’re telling us now is happening there. And only in France could that happen.

Because of course, Americans never riot. Not REAL Americans, anyway.

And what we’re seeing is just the fruits of leftism. It’s suburbanites, the kids, that are watching cable TV, Did you know that? In a lot of these high rises where a lot of the suburban youth are doing writing or doing they have cable TV in their apartments. They’re listening to al Jazeera, and they’re being encouraged and prompted to go ahead and start these riots all over France.

“Leftism” promotes the willy nilly watching of cable television news, you know, like the kind of news that just destroyed Bachmann’s political career.

And one thing that we’re seeing is that in the midst of this violence that’s being encouraged by al Jazeera and by the jihadists that’s occurring, is that we are seeing that those who are coming into France — which had a beautiful culture — the French culture is actually diminished. It’s going away. And just with the population of France they are losing Western Europeans and it’s being taken over by muh…by a Muslim ethic. Not that Muslims are bad. But they are not assimilating.

See, France, when they merely ate cheese and worshiped Jerry Lewis, was a fine country. It was until they started letting in the brown skins did the country go to shite. I mean, it’s okay for brown people to come in, as long as they learn to behave exactly the way the pink skins tell them to behave.

And that’s what I had mentioned in my previous response is that America is a great nation, with great values. We are equal opportunity for all. And it’s because we all came here and we came together as one. Out of many one. Multi-cultural diversity says out of one many. And if we go with tribalism we will not long be one nation united under God.

“We” didn’t all come here, see. Some of us were brought here and were not invited to come together as one — that whole “separate but equal” thing. Oh, you mean when she said “we” she meant real Americans? Oh, okay.

Meanwhile, Palin believes cavemen fought dinosaurs with slingshots. Maybe she believes in the sleestak, too.

So, as Andrew Sullivan and Chris Buckley conspire to get together after the election and attempt to rebrand and refashion conservatism, other conservatives will still cling to the Limbaugh/Hannity variety of conservatism as the savior of their ideology. Good luck with that, dudes.

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