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Kingpin Nazi Scheme or, You’re Scared of Me? I’m Scared of You!

October 28, 2008

You may be wondering why I hadn’t written about the roving band of Nazis out to kill earlier. Well, I was sitting on the couch, appreciative for once, of living in neighborhood so White that the nutjobs would never think to look for me here. Then again, for all I know, they’re right across the street.

See, ‘tis to laugh when I read stories that police fear that the darkies will rise up and burn down stores (in mostly Black neighborhoods, they soon realize and breath easier) should Obama lose. We’re on the lookout for knuckleheads. Chain Emails abound, warning against showing out should worst come to worst. Oh sure, on the very unlikely chance that Obama loses to Big Daddy McCain, I believe there will be some kind of protest, but it will not be Watts.

It’s like an old joke from “Def Comedy Jam” about never seeing any brothers going into their place of employment from which they were just fired and blasting the hourly earners with a shotgun. The kind of blind, kill-em-all rage you find among the fake skinhead set (original skins were anything but Nazis), you won’t see it from people of color in general, and certainly not from the middle-of-the-road, party co-opted, Poitier wanna-be Obama supporters like myself.

Turn over a car? Maybe. Smash a window in disgust. Perhaps. Plot to assassinate the elected leader and kill hundreds because of the color of their skin? Not bloody likely, mate.

Judging from past actions (Google Metzger, Tom), I wonder if there is not something afoot here. There’s a report of a Nigerian man shot by a Nazi skin in London for wearing an Obama t-shirt. Like the Senator says, “this is not who we are.” But “we” are not them. Think I’m being alarmist? Think again, kids. Hear James Ridgeway’s interview with one of these blokes.

Now, these geniuses may not have the intellect to carry out any plans they might have. But it doesn’t take much of a plan to go shoot up a high school, as we’ve seen far too often.

So while the Little Green Football types are busy rending garments over whether Black people might express their anger inappropriately in the event Obama loses, Black people are worried they might have to identify a relative in a morgue because he wins.

Or worse . . ..

We can make a deal. You hear of some nonsense like this dangerous scheme, report it and condemn it. I hear of some plot to destroy a city, I’ll do the same.

Meanwhile, in the Twilight Zone, the Hobbs/Smith team strikes again, equating the proposed Nazi madness with throwing bricks. Maybe Rep. Bachmann was right when she said that all cultures are not equal. There’s a time to stay on message and a time to kick that nonsense to the side. Complain about brick throwing another day.

Question: look at the photo of one of the alleged conspirators from the AP report linked above. Is he wearing make-up in that picture?

It’s hard not to politicize this incident since were it not for politics would we not be discussing it. Yet, in light of the nutjob who went Susan Smith on us and the 527 reintroducing Rev. Wright into the mix, will race be introduced as a last, Jesse Helms type gasp to save the GOP’s butt?


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