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The Bitter Pill

October 31, 2008

Defeat goes down hard. Yet, this year for some reason, some on the Right are taking the impending Obama victory and resulting deconstruction of the Republican party particularly hard.

Many have seen the wisdom early and defected.

Some, vainly, continue to toss out whatever bizarre little conundrums they can dig out of the dustbin to attempt to tar the Teflon Don. His aunt is poor. He may not have written one of this books. He’s pallin’ around with all sorts of disreputable types. Last day in October. Any surprises? Nope.

Others have already started the blame game. The Hard Right attacks the moderate right. McCain staffers blast Palin in barely concealed not-for-attribution comments. Limbaugh attacks everyone who doesn’t agree with him.

I do recall what it is like, after 2000, after the ill-fated Republican revolution of 94, after 2004. When Democrats lost, it was often the DLC types who rose from the ashes with an empty donation tray screaming to anyone who would put them on a chat show that the party candidate ran too far to the left, even with cats like the hoity toity Kerry, a less environmentalist Gore, or even the old school duds like Dukakais. The far left sometimes defected to Nader or the Green Party.

However, something went down in 04. The left found an old, untapped medium by which to develop an attack. The series of tubes known as the Internets. Left wingers and old fashioned liberals were able to find each other and connect nationwide via Kos, the HP, and other aggregate sites. They were really just talk, however, until they started to raise money by the tubes, and we can see where that has led us — the ability to raise $150 million in a month. Eat that, DLC. There are many reasons why Obama is going to win this election, but one of them surely must be tapping into the power of raising money via the Net and small donors.

The GOP can rebuild after the likely massacre upcoming next week. I don’t know where their leadership will come. Sullivan could be a voice, but they don’t like the gays, you know. They’ve already branded other dissidents as traitors. Their Net leadership is too maniacal and too beholden to angling for appearances on Fox to really make any kind of impact. Their mouthpieces are still holding court on radio, a medium fading in import (just ask any musician about that).

I figure this rebuilding wont happen for the foreseable future. The GOP will be stuck in blame game mode for a year or so as a leader tries to emerge.


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