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Palin Heard the Rain Down in Africa

November 8, 2008

I am going to give Palin the benefit of doubt as to whether she knew Africa was a continent and not a country. I have heard more people than I care talk about Africa as if it were a country though surely they knew it is actually a continent. It is a function of our general attitude towards the continent and it’s people rather than a lack of basic knowledge. So Palin is no more or less “stupid” on that question than are most people.

That said, even without the most recent aspersions cast her way, she’s still dumb as dirt. The unfortunate after effect of the latest attacks could be to make her a sympathetic figure. We do not want that to happen. Put a stake through that heart.

but it doesn’t appear that will be so. The worst case scenario is her taking Ted Steven’s seat and her getting “educated” on parliamentary matters and learning how to speak the Queen’s English (she’ll keep those you betcha’s, though) and such and remaining in the eye of the “stinkers” in the media and keeping her profile up, so much for the late night viewings of lechers like Phil Valentine to drool over. Then she will be properly experienced for a failed candidacy in 2012.

Best case scenario is that she remains governor in Alaska and stays out of sight and gone AND forgotten.

Whomever is leaking this material, and I firmly believe it is the former Mitt Romney staffers who moved over to work for McCain, hopes the same thing I do. For once, let us join hands across the isle in a bipartisan effort to get rid of this Do Do Bird once and for all. No, it is not McCain folks trying to shift blame to Palin. I’d wager they’re way too interested in trying to present more intellectual reasons for their man’s loss in an effort to keep themselves employed. Romney needs to thin out the competition for 2012 since Huckabee isn’t going anywhere and people are asking his man Saltsman to run the RNC.

So send Palin packing, figuratively of course. She’s got enough suitcases.

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