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Tar Heel Sports Big Saturday

November 15, 2008

This weekend was one of the biggest in UNC sports since last Spring’s NCAA basketball championship. The football team had a big game against Maryland which would likely seal their spot in the ACC championship game, and the basketball team played their season opener against Penn minus the Player of the Year Tyler Hansbrough but with big name freshman Tyler Zeller and Ed Davis.

As has been the case in many “big game” situations, the football Heels failed to take the appropriate steps towards becoming a big time program, losing to Maryland after leading, albeit by one point, most of the second half.

The game was really lost in the first half, however. The Maryland running game was impressive, and their offensive line completely dominated our defensive line in passing situations as well. The defensive line wasn’t getting penetration and wasn’t pressuring the quarterback. In the second half, they improved as UM’s bigs got tired, which is an upside to our performance in the trenches. We’re starting some true freshman, so they will improve . . . next year.

How many times has Marvin Austin’ number been called this year? I haven’t heard a peep from him.

Even though we could not stop them running the ball, they didn’t score as often as they might. Our defensive backs played pretty well, though they didn’t get any interceptions. There were two interceptions dropped, and you figure this would happen on a wet field.

I know many are calling for Cam Sexton’s head and I wont defend his performance. As Mike White said a couple weeks ago, Sexton overthrows the ball frequently, and today’s game was no different. He can’t blame it on the rain. I will defend Butch Davis’ decision not to put TJ Yates in the game with the wet conditions despite the importance of this game. However, I will be shocked if he does not start the next game, and start wondering if Davis has changed his mind about leaving for the Tennessee job.

I predicted that UNC probably would not be able to make an undefeated run at the end of the season, especially with the injuries to Yates and Tate and now the starting TE. Back then, the ACC championship was a remote possibility. With Miami’s win this week we had an opportunity for a moment. Now it’s gone. Also gone is the BCS bowl bid; Orange is out, and probably Gator, too. Peach and Music City are back in play.

The Pre-season #1 basketball team had an easy time with Penn of course, even with two returning starters on the bench with injuries. Tyler Zeller looked very comfortable and will be an excellent compliment to Hansbrough when he returns. Ed Davis looked a little scared, even with his double double and he has the face of a high school freshman (but he is like 20 ft. tall). Both kids run well and rebound well but need to lift weights in the off season. Green and Lawson and Ellington took a little time to get into the game but don’t appear to have lost anything. The Heels may give up a game or two before everyone is 100% but I don’t see how they lose this year. Anything less than the Final Four will be a total catastrophe.

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  1. November 16, 2008 3:46 am

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