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Tar Heels win Maui

November 27, 2008

Well, Hansbrough has answered all questions about his ability to play this season and how he will fare in the draft as well. He’s clearly added dimensions to his game, shown in the drubbing of Notre Dame in the Maui Invitational. He stepped out and hit a three, was more aggressive on defense than I’ve seen him, becoming a shot blocker rather than just trying to take charges all the time.

Reports now say that his doppelganger Tyler Zeller will be out for the season, that his injury will take 12 weeks to heal post-surgery, and that he may redshirt. Having Zeller in their would have taken a ton of pressure off Hansbrough and given Ed Davis time to develop (physically — weight room please). I still wonder if we wont see him in February given that a) he may not be as interested in staying four years as Hansbrough was and b) he did injure the wrist on his off hand.

Even without Zeller the Heels look impregnable. You cannot beat having a senior playing at the point, especially one with the speed and toughness of Lawson. Deon Thompson has improved his skills and his aggressiveness, and his success will be important with Zeller out. When Ginyard returns to the line-up, the team will be the clear favorite to win the national title.

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