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UNC loses to Wake Forrest. Not All That Surprising

January 11, 2009

The ACC is a tough conference and Wake has developed a competitive athletic program over the years since they were an ACC dormat. I didn’t know how good they were this year but I knew they had a pro caliber back court.

The Tar Heels losses can be attributed to their mental state. Right now, they look like bullies. As Boston College and Wake acted as aggressors, got ahead and took advantage of Tar Heel mistakes, the Heels seemed to make more. Bullies, as we all know, back down when challenged.

OTOH, Danny Green took the team on his shoulders. That they had a 35% FG and were still down by 2 points tells you that the team did fight, but it came way too late (it also tells you that free throws played a factor — we took many and missed too many). When Danny Green, all due respect to him, is carrying a top ranked team on his shoulders and a top ranked team has the NCAA player of the year and one of the best point guards in the country there is something wrong with that team.

What was wrong? Ty Lawson got shut down. He was taken out of his game, and since the Tar Heels’ game runs through him . . . no assists to the big man, no kick outs to the shooters. Hansbrough, whose idea of creating his own shot is taking a 3 pt’er, is not worth too much without a good point guard setting things up for him proper. And neither is Deon Thompson, who appears to have reverted to last year’s form.

All though it would have been nice to have him, I don’t think Ginyard would have made much of a difference. Jeff Teague would have blown by him as well.

MC Verb remarked to me that we seem to get beat by one guy who has a world beating game. I think there is something to that, if you look at the historic big wins against Carolina. It probably just seems that way, but to have a big upset win (or small upset win) your star should have a star level performance.

I’m going to go ahead and, urm, question our mental toughness here. Prove me wrong.

And so ends my dream to have the Heels go “Onedefeated”

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