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Eric Crafton: Spotted!

January 15, 2009

I had my head down listening to Little Dork chattering on as we entered the Bellevue YMCA last night. As we entered I noticed a rather non-descript gentleman meandering through the glass double doors, in plain grey sweats, shoulders hunched and chin tucked — either in self defense from the chill or in a natural ill posture — who appeared to recognize me. I watched him look down at Little Dork and pass by into the night before I realized who it was. Hmm. Wonder if he reads Dork Nation? Yokoso . . .

So, as the Scene wonders whether Crafton is too busy to make an appearance on WNPT, I can say no, he is probably doing wind sprints in preparation for the final confrontation between the Pro-English and Anti-English forces.

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