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Y’all Stupid

January 16, 2009

Wanna-be (RNC chair) Michael Steele has set his sights on the Volunteer state, offering up a few coins to the TN Republican Party from GOPAC, paying lip service to the anger and resentment still floating around amongst TN republicans over Kent Williams power grab.

These locals apparently do not understand that local electoral politics is a giant shell game, so the hard core are labeling Williams a liar and a cheat, a Judas, a goat and an all around ill mannered fellow.

Clearly Steele gets it, and that’s why he offered a “down payment” on a campaign against Williams in his home district, along with some goofy dictum about betrayals and such. Of course the comedy team of Hobbs and Smith are making it out to be a tossing of the gauntlet. Steele is just trying to add to his potential vote tally to become RNC HNIC. I mean, surely they know this, right, like GOPAC wasn’t going to give a regularly scheduled donation anyway?

Also, how does Smith figure it was “the will of the people” to have Mumpower as Speaker? Was there a survey?

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