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Battlestar Galactica – Season 4 Ep 11: I’m a Cylon, You’re a Cylon, too!

January 17, 2009

“Sometimes a Great Notion”

After the “Earth” the rag tag fleet discovered turned out to be an Earth formerly populated by Cylons, the whole revelation of the final Cylon seemed irrelevant. That revelation was, like most of the scenes in the opening bell of the final season of the show, another piece of the puzzle.

And like that other wildly popular speculative fiction series, each question answered begged another question. So Thrace is dead, so who is this Kara and where did she get the shiny new Viper? Tigh and his wife knew there was a plan afoot, that they would survive the Terran Cylon holocaust over the eons; how, and why? Among the fleet regulars, some have fallen apart, others are keeping their head. And those who are keeping their heads will be battling for control – keeping in mind the oft played, ominously threatening clip of Roslin (“I’m coming for all of you!”)

And all that “what happens next” stuff is part of the fun, yet it doesn’t make for very good drama. It’s the weakness of “Lost,” anything that’s supposed to have emotional resonance is really just in service of the plot**. Poor Katee is giving it all she’s got in that Jodie Foster-like way, about Starbuck’s confusion regarding who she really is, and I’m supposed to feel for her, but I ultimately just care about the answer to her question and what it means for the bigger picture, the series’ end game (even Dee’s suicide was meant as a symbol of how distraught everyone in the fleet is at the outcome).

The only place where plot points effectively resonated with feeling was, ironically, the revelation of the final cylon’s identity. It offered some hope for Tigh even though it’s likely to make him feel even worse about his action on New Caprica. It’s ironic because that whole matter was the most hyped up question about the show, and promised to be the most geeky. Instead, it was bittersweet.

I haven’t really been locked in enough to start speculating over the end game. There have been reports of seeing Tricia Helfer and James Callis filming a scene in Times Square, but that only means they were filming in Times Square. Clearly the suggestion is that the cycle will continue as the prophecy states, never ending.

Does this remind anyone of Xenogears? I guess it’s just me.

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  1. January 17, 2009 2:03 pm

    It was a fascinating episode. The implications of Ellen as the Fifth will have a profound impact on Tigh’s character. That’s why I was happy about the revelation. It was a good choice in many ways.

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