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Battlestar Galactica Ep. 4 12: Head Em Up, Move Em Out

January 25, 2009

“Disquiet of My Soul”

After the season opening despair and angst, BSG set about setting up conflicts and rectifying a wrong from last season’s plot twists.

After Adama loaded up the wagons and pointed his fleet towards a star, the crew settled down to personal matters, what with Roslin deciding to go commando with her hair and dumping the drugs she was taking to treat her disease, and found time to get busy with old Adama. Old folks sex; we’ll all be there one day.

Gaeta hobbled about grimacing at Adama and forgetting military protocol, then taking time out to take the piss on Starbuck, who was brooding silently about her identity issues.

Lee Adama seems to have gotten over Dee’s suicide rather easily, or at least Ron Moore didn’t find time to show him grieving.

Last year, it seemed no one out here in these Internets thought Tyrol being a Cylon created a continuity problem given the show’s harping on Athena’s baby as being some kind of magical hapa. If you’ve forgotten, Athena’s child was the half-Cylon, half-human miracle. Matters were especially confused when Tigh and Six.3 were going to have a Halfling as well. So now we know that Cylons can mate and reproduce, and we know that Callie was hitting skins on the side and Tyrol’s baby was not from his sperm . . . or whatever Cylons have. So Athena’s baby is still a super-baby.

So either these matters corrected problems that the writers had written themselves into, or it was all part of the Big Plan. We will see whether these matters turn significant.

To Psychick, and probably to a lot of people, the idea of machines reproducing sexually seems rather unnecessary, but if you think about it, mammalian reproduction appears to be able to create the most diversity and therefore success for a species. Then again, a highly advanced technology could just build in diversity. I’m sure it all means something.

The other big plot point came about with the Vice President of the colonies going rogue over the matter of an alliance with the Cylons, or at least an official alliance (isn’t there already one in place?) Tom encouraged the fuel ship to be the first to show a rebellious spirit when it jumped away from the fleet. The rebellion was temporarily crushed by Adama’s military might and unnecessary poker bluff (the threat of using misinformation to tarnish Tom’s political power should have been enough). However, it appears as if the rebels are not done, and Gaeta’s going to side with him, bringing some gun wielding types along with him.

One thing about the fuel ship incident; given their situation, don’t you think the first act would be to nationalize the fuel supply? Wouldn’t you want the military to have control of that most important of resources?

The political intrigue could prove interesting, certainly more engaging than the WHO ARE THE CYLONS?!?! drama we endured last year.

Baltar’s weak faith drama was unconvincing. It made for a good speech for Callis, but given his fealty last year he was awfully quick to freak out and abandon his new god. It would make sense, given the fact that the prophecies by the gods of the colonies proved to be daft fairy tales, for his faith to be bolstered, and that the rest of the population would become more interested, not questioning. That’s how faith works, don’t it?

I have faith that we will see less of the “Lost” style SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS and WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN questions raised this year.

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