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Battlestar Galactica ep 4 15: I’m Only Human

February 14, 2009

“No Exit”
(this is more recap than review, btw)

At least it’s getting a little more interesting now. This was basically another set up episode, in which though a couple of questions about the convoluted origins of the Cylons were explained, a little.

Sam took one to the dome last week and now surgery is necessary to remove the bullet. The aneurysm dislodged a little more than cylonic grey matter, he started recalling things about who begat whom, who of the final (or should we now say original) five were shacking up with whom. Apparently the five were all talented cylon researchers who “reinvented” resurrecting on Earth as a means of surviving their cylon holocaust. When they made it to Caprica, they found themselves back in the cycle, and tried to reason with the metal heads. They stopped (how?) the first cylon war and introduced the organics you see today. Ellen was the genesis of all this.

While we observed Sam, we learned how Ellen was resurrected after Tigh capped her. She confronted her “son” Cavil, who was really bitter about being more organic than machine. All this leads us into yet another Sci-Fi trope, a discussion about how great it is to be a human, even with all our weaknesses and foibles. Me, I thought it would be pretty cool to be Vulcan, but . . . Anyway, the bitter Cavil, (played by Stockwell as a hurt child) decided that Ellen could help build another resurrection hub. When she said she didn’t know how, he promised to extract the info via surgery. Boomer, who had been held captive and was undergoing brainwashing by Cavil, helped Ellen escape, so I’m guessing she will be making an appearance aboard the Galactica, and there’s Tigh with his new Cylon baby he’s having with . . . er, one of his “daughters.”

Speaking of spawn of cylon, there’s apparently a dead (and boxed?) cylon model named Daniel out there somewhere.

Tyrol is chief again, and Adama, after a very brief struggle with doubt and a few gulps of space bourbon, allowed Tyrol to bring on some Cylon technology to help rebuild the slowly crumbling ship.

Lee is going to be acting as shadow president as Roslin finally decided she doesn’t have the stomach for the job.

Oh yeah, geeks rejoice, John Hodgeman was on hand to play Sam’s surgeon.

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