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Battlestar Galactica Ep 4 16: Why Are Mommy and Daddy Fighting?

February 21, 2009


This week’s run slowed the pace to allow for an acting exercise. Teetering on the edge of melodrama (and ultimately falling in), Ellen Tigh returned to the Galactica and her eons long love to find he’s going to be a papa with Caprica Six. Meanwhile, Tyrol has introduced Cylon technology to the ship itself.

Ellen was mad hot about Tigh’s situation. He is, in a way, having a child with one of his children, a cylon he and the final five built. Ellen’s discovery led to a return from the wise scientist/matron to the bitter drunk we knew from past seasons. It terms of acting I’m sure it was fun to play but in terms of character growth it was disappointing to watch.

It also begs a question about Cavil’s reprogramming of the five when he disappeared them to the colonies; I’m not clear exactly what he did.

The melodrama kicked in when Ellen and Tigh got into a row while Caprica Six was on the operating table and her child was struggling for his life. Ellen devised a plan for the Cylons to leave — many felt it wasn’t safe on the ship after Caprica Six was assaulted. Tigh knew she just wanted some payback for his new relationship, and perhaps his decision to feed her poison on New Caprica. While they bantered back and forth, the five stood and watched, Sharon attempting to make peace, Tori taking mommy’s side and Tyrol only observing.

This was about hybrids. Tigh made the observation borne out by the repairs taking place on the Galactica, Cylons and humans are too weak to survive the rigors of the universe on their own, it will take the cooperation of both to survive. And so Caprica Six’s baby died, and the Helo/Sharon baby is still the key to the future (this begs a question re: how the Cylons on Earth were able to reproduce generations).

So now we know that Moore and friends have sealed up one more open end regarding all the babies born of various pairings on the ship by this episode. The way it was done, through interpersonal conflict rather than gun blasts was good if not completely satisfying (or logical given previous episodes). We still get the feeling they’re making things up as they go.

In a non-theme related sub-plot, Baltar returned to his flock to find a new leader in the fold, a very skeptical disciple who believed he abandoned them to the wilds of a disoriented fleet. In weakness, he fell back to old ways, seducing in anyway he can. In an effort to charm another young woman he came up with a plan to feed the ship’s hungry refugees, but ended up having all the food taken away by a gang. His own personal Six returned to guide him to convince Adama to arm his people and stumbled into finding the joy of serving others.

The next drama, four episodes out from the end, the court martial of Boomer.

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