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UNC over LSU: The Return of Ty Lawson

March 21, 2009

I’ve developed a bad habit this NCAA season; I’m not making room in my schedule to watch games. Perhaps its a sign of my advanced age and jammed up schedule but I’ve watched less Tar Heel hoops than ever this year. I missed three quarters of today’s LSU game, all of Radford and the last Duke game. Perhaps I should keep missing games, as the jock rule of superstitions indicate that I am actually causing the team to win by not being there.

All I saw was a rejuvenated Ty Lawson taking kids to the cup and Ellington shooting the lights out. I didn’t see, but was aware, that a scant few minutes before I returned home the game was tied. I’ll check the box scores but if what I heard from Kellogg (it was Kellogg, wasn’t it?) that Hansbrough had a horrible game.

It seems that Lawson is the key. Point guards dictate tournament games, and fortunately it seems we have the best in college basketball this year. Question is, how will his body respond after his return? The first contest back from an injury is often easy. The second is harder.

I’m so out of touch I’m not even sure who’s up next, but I’m concerned.

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