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AW HELL NAW, etc. Notes on this Sherri Goforth/Kleinheider Kerfluffle

June 18, 2009

Apparently, this foolish Email with an old fashioned racist cartoon that Sherri Goforth forwarded has caught the attention of even the harpies at The View. And I mean harpies in the most respectful way I can.

I’ve been trying to recall Goforth from back in the day. I remember the name but I can’t place a face.

The local blogger/print columnist/right leaning libertarian Adam Kleinheider was taken to task by local bloggers and the alt.weakly (ha I kid you guys) for holding back on blogging about the Goforth Email until — gasp — LATE IN THE EVENING, a choice he addressed in a recent blog post.

When he says it’s not a story, I tend to agree. On the scale of racism @ War Memorial this rates about a 6. My sense of outrage was not tweaked a smidge. Stupid is as stupid does, as they say (said), and I tend to expect stupid coming from that side of the swamp these days.


ACK knows, there are no civilians in the legislature. You get hired by your connections. She’s not some impartial innocent babe among wolves, especially after two decades in the same spot? GEEETDAHFUGOUTTAHEAH. I expected more from the lad, frankly.

Here’s the other thing about it, an ancillary effect, that I don’t like. Look in the links to ACK’s response to the situation. So many are coming from right wing hacks who are looking for ANY reason to excuse Goforth’s stupidity, and they’re latching on to Goforth’s lower status position.

Is racism any less because it comes from a “secretary?”

If you’re going to ignore this Goforth thing, ignore it because you don’t expect any better from this lot. If you’re holding yourself out as one who covers this legislative body, your editorial judgment should tell you to type out a few lines about it.

I also thought about breaking my silence (taking time out from an overbearingly busy schedule) to comment on Carol Swain’s most recent wave of her handkerchief. But I’ll leave it to Jack and some of the astute commenters in the thread.

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