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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself. My name is . . .

April 19, 2011

I used to be up in Live Journal. I went back to look at my old musings. It was 2002. It seemed like big ‘tings a’ gwan back then. My first cover story dropped. New apartment downtown (before gentrification and the mad dash for condos). Living the life, kind of. I was free-er of course. I lived mostly by deadlines and start times. If I “had” to be anywhere it was because I put it on the schedule. Most of what I wrote was personal, and if not personal I made it so.

Two years later? Married. Child. Job (s). Living the life, kind of. I lived by having to be here and there “on time” all the time.

A few years later, the live journal-er formerly known as daikokubashira no longer existed. Most of what I wrote was circumscribed by having a professional life (again, the kind of you must have short hair life I lived before 1998) and a family life. I generally didn’t want to write unless there was a check in it.

But it was pretty obvious that I was enjoying every little word I typed out on LJ. I had a small audience, I didn’t know I was supposed to be thinking about things like hit counts and page views (one reason I abandoned it) when I started. Those kind of worries were only supposed to be for my paid writing.

Did all the joy vanish? Yeah, to a degree. So, like a superhero with a well worn origin story, I need a reboot. I’m preparing to end this place called Dork Nation. It never really lived up to its billing anyway. It was more LeftWing Tar Heel Nation than dork.

I’m not going to abandon a web presence. All writers must blog. That’s what we learned at the Editorial Writer’s Conference Seminar. Everyone is keyed into 1) the necessity for self-promotion 2) that all future battles will be digital (no televised revolutions, as Egypt showed us, it will be streamed and tweeted).

I will rename, revamp, and relocate this here blog. And I will blog more. I will borrow some things from that dude on Live Journal, being more personal/observational. I will get to the theater more, will review records more (rather than grouse silently to myself). I will just write.

I’ve been running the “sad circle” professionally (an old country ass football term for having to chase the quarterback when you failed to keep containment). I want to write as a profession, not that I haven’t been doing that but it’s always been secondary. In my way of thinking, I can do the real job thing and sort of pursue writing. That’s partially been of necessity, but it hasn’t put me closer to my actual goal, and one could argue that it’s taken me further away. Me done wit rass! I’m looking for a more direct route now. Old heads give me encouragement, tell me I have the skill, but don’t put me on (one other thing I’m borrowing from that Live Journal dude, logocentrism!)

That’s the other factor in this equation (that equaled “kill Dork Nation”); the new spot will be more of a showcase. Not sure how I’ll manage having a more personal, journal type blog that is also a professional showcase. I’ll figure it out.

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  1. J Michael permalink
    April 19, 2011 8:58 am

    Here in your final (?) entry here, you post what I requested quite a while back when you made the claim that when you were young, people thought that you looked like MJ. I for one, enjoy all of your non-sports related posts, and I am looking forward to your new venture. Salut!

  2. April 19, 2011 12:29 pm

    Feeling all of this here. RENEW!!

    I enjoy your writing, and would like to read more of it. I was in a drought until tumblr. Now I’m back. Tumblr is good, I think, if you can ignore the “how many followers” foolishness. I like blogging there because I can do it from phone or pad, and it’s sometimes good to keep a non twitter-like eye on some of my favorite writers. I get stuck in “reblogging” mode sometimes, but I see it as sorta like making beats…just because you sample a lot doesn’t mean that your once in a while masterpiece isn’t any less valid.

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