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Why I Don’t Post More Pics of the Kids

April 25, 2011

I don’t post a ton of pictures of my children on the Internet. I know for some of you who read (or used to read) this blog, this is a godsend. I often found myself, and find myself, feigning interest at seeing pictures of the offspring of others.

Yet, I realize, as a shuffle through these streets, these malls, these casual dining restaurants, that my children inspire elderly women to offer them money. Shopkeeps call their employees to gawk at them. Young women in the park exclaim (actual quote) “They look just like the catalogue!”

Some of this is simply a matter of the exoticism of the mixed race child, or how mixed race children are exoticisized, if you prefer the race theory version of the tale. I will agree with you all, my kids are pretty damn cute.

Generally though, if you want proof, you’ll have to happen upon us at a soccer game or some such. there are lots of people who glow visibly when our kids pass by, objects for admiration. Not everyone is so charmed. Psychick is extremely uncomfortable with the prospect of their pictures being on the net, not just because of the bizarre, ready for Nightline perv, but because of the political climate.

People are getting blasted in the dome for what they believe, the things they hold to be true, for who they are or whom they love. We’ve seen this throughout our history of course, and Psychick and I realize we belong to a particular class (classes, really) that have borne the brunt of that kind of abuse.

Fundamentalists (not just religious fundamentalists) are of a similar stripe. When events appear to conspire in a threat to their way of life, they seek the company of like-minded folks to form a bulwark against their imagined enemies. Sometimes members of those groups feel emboldened to strike out at those enemies. You can pick and choose from any number of examples to suit your ideological bent.

There need not be an associated group, organized for any purpose, either. At times, the “lone nut” will suffice. So, we err on the side of caution.

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  1. J Michael permalink
    April 25, 2011 3:32 pm

    Wife is that same; doesn’t want me to put kids on the face.

  2. April 26, 2011 5:17 pm

    I used to believe that the internet, blogosphere, etc was so big that it feels anonymous… that is until someone “favorited” a picture of my dog giving me kiss on my Flickr page. When I went to see who this person was, I saw dozens of pictures of girls getting kissed by their dogs… that me & my innocent little guy were actually “fetishized”. I felt weirdly violated.

    You put pictures of your kids up on the internet and suddenly you lose all control over how those pictures are used. It’s sad though because I really do like seeing people’s loved ones… it’s always nice to “humanize” the writer, ya know?

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